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GIS Services

Property Mapping
Customized property maps designed for individual landowners, communities, developments, hunting clubs, etc. Aerial photo or topographic backgrounds, manmade and natural features, available in most any size or format. 

Business Mapping
Custom designed maps of service areas, territory & client analysis, site analysis, market penetration, customer distribution, etc. Various layouts and sizes available as well as laminated maps.

Land Management Maps
Management maps produced for Consultant Foresters, Biologists, Conservation Organizations, etc., using client’s collected data and specifications.

Automatic Vehicle Location System
AVLS - GPS based vehicle management system.
Please contact for more details.

Emergency Response Package
The Emergency Response Package (ERP) developed by WNCGIS is a combination of GIS software, data, GPS unit and a computer or mobile computing device that allows the user to visualize information in a digital map, collect information where you observe it, and improve productivity and data accuracy. Most 911-address locations, road names and landowner information can be viewed on an aerial photo or topographic background.  Customized data like staging areas, evacuation sites, etc., can easily be incorporated into the program. Custom forms for incident reporting, hydrant inventory, pre-plans, etc., can be developed as needed.

Custom Project Development
Assist in development of custom field mapping applications which allow field-based personnel to have the ability to capture, analyze and display geographic information.
Recreational & Educational
Information and assistance in field mapping applications for hunting, fishing, mountain biking or any outdoor recreational or educational activities.