Western North Carolina is home to some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, historic rural landscapes and diverse urban and city life.

Our mission is to provide professional services to help manage, enhance and protect our magnificent Southern Appalachian Mountains.”

In the late 90’s WNC-GIS began to assist public safety agencies and land conservation organizations to implement GIS technologies in there day to day operations.
Today we provide customized geographic information systems and data management,  detailed mapping services, automatic vehicle location systems (AVLS), mobile mapping and data collection solutions.
Our Wildland management services include plant health care programs designed to manage one tree or your entire landscape. Hemlock woolly adelgid management, tree health evaluations, tree risk analysis and hazard abatement, tree protection during construction, plant appraisals and invasive exotic plant management are just a few of our services.

Details about these and other services offered can be found within...